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  • Paradiso Toys City Garage with 3 Levels PT00144
  • Paradiso Toys City Garage with 3 Levels PT00144

Paradiso Toys City Garage with 3 Levels PT00144

  • Including 1 toy car to explore the 3 levels of the garage and the surrounding roads
  • Suitable for Boys and Girls to play indoor
  • Recommended Age: 3 years and up
  • Dimensions: 23”L x 19”w x 18”H
  • Versatile city garage playset in high-end plastic fits perfectly for Hot Wheels cars
  • Designed and manufactured in Belgium

This is a fun urban garage playset with 3 levels to inspire hours of imaginative play for kids!

This garage toy simulates a real garage with speed limit signs, ramps, lifts, and car washes. Your child controls the elevator that takes the car to the upper floor of the parking lot, then slides up and down through the 2nd floor using the ramp to go straight to the top floor. The playset includes a helipad on top of the garage when the helicopter needs to land in an emergency.

Includes 1 small car to explore the 3 floors of the garage and surrounding roads. This city car park will make your kids feel very curious and develop great memory of how cars go down the ramp. Follow the instructions to assemble the garage then customize it with the included stickers.

The Premium plastic city garage playset perfectly fits Hot Wheels vehicles and is made in Belgium.

Data sheet

+3 years
Made in
3.7 lb
23 L x 19 w x 18 H n

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